Stomp Under Foot

Handmade, high-quality, fuzz pedals.



  • Original KT3102 Russian Transistors
  • Same NOS Capacitors
  • Custom Sovtek-type knobs
  • True-Bypass
  • 9V Battery or 2.1 9V Adapter Only
  • 8mA
  • NOS Parts
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.

This Classic version of the Green Russian is made with the same exact capacitors and NOS Russian transistors as found in the original.

Inspired by the 90's, bubble font, Russian pedal, the Green Russian is in the same family as the Civil War but has a little less low end and a lot more grit to the fuzz. This gives the pedal a great tone for bluesy to stoner rock.

As with all Stomp Under Foot pedals, the Classic Green Russian is made by hand, using only quality, through-hole components.